Blocked by Akismet

Well, it looks like I, like many other bloggers, have been blocked by Akismet because they believe I’m a spammer. A spammer? Have they not read my blog? Seriously, it’s driving me up the wall. There are so many good blogs out there that I’d like to comment on but – whoosh – off to spam it goes. I’ve sent requests to the Akismet support site and filled out their form, but as you get no acknowledgement that they have received anything, I have no idea if anything will happen.


Anyone have any other ideas how I can get out of this hell?

26 thoughts on “Blocked by Akismet

  1. That has happened to me . . . on two separate occasions. I sent this e-mail to

    My comments are disappearing from friends blogs again. And I can no longer post on the Daily News posts or photo challenges by WordPress.

    I keep getting dumped into SPAM. It’s dark and lonely in there.

    Please help. Thanks!

    And “Mark” sorted it out for me in short order:

    Sorry for that – didn’t mean to upset you – I believe it is fixed for you.

    If it happens again (akismet filters millions of comments a day. 49 million so far today alone – the numbers are on then akismet made a mistake and I promise I will fix it for you.

    Apologies for the hassle.

    Good luck!

  2. As annoying as that sounds, I have to say Akismet keeps a lot of junk of my blog and out of my way. hope they open the gates back up for you pretty soon.

    • I agree. They do a good job so I don’t mind so much if they make the odd mistake. The problem is more that when they do make a mistake, it seems very hard to know what to do (or even realise what is going on). If they can get that balance right, I think we’d all be happy.

  3. Hi Dylan, thanks so much for replying to my post about this very same issue. Sure enough, I found your comment in my spam folder, so I have now approved it and released it! I am sending you this and I know it will go straight in to your spam folder, so if you could approve it I would be most grateful! I really appreciate your moral support with this, let’s hope it gets resolved quickly, it is horrible.

    • Hi Sherri, just released your message which, sure enough, was in my spam folder. Just as an update, I emailed a Akismet on the support email address above and they got back to me very quickly. It hasn’t been resolved yet, but at least I know they are working on it. Good luck! Dylan

      • Hi Dylan, and thanks so much for doing that! Also for your advice, which I took, and emailed Akismet directly. Sure enough, I received an instant reply from Mark! I have been asked to complete a comment test form as they can’t see why my comments are going into spam. As soon as I know any more I will let you know and good luck to you too πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Dylan, just wondering, has Akismet resolved this issue for you yet? I had an email from Mark saying it had been sorted but I just tried to comment on a blog and once again, it didn’t show! This may not either, but giving it a try anyway…

    • Hi Sherri, not yet. I had the same thing about an hour ago with the same result. It’s very frustrating as I’ve seen lots of blogs I have wanted to comment on. Oh we’ll, here’s hoping they work it out soon…..

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  6. Hmm, lets hope they fix it soon. I’m not sure whether this comment will actually be posted so I’m not going to bother writing anything lengthy. But I sympathize as I am now having the same highly irritating issue.

  7. Nope, my comment which I posted a couple of minutes ago didn’t show up. I presume you’re probably checking your spam folder. But if it isn’t in there, then where did my words just go? Geez, this is annoying!

    • Hi Grace, I’ve just picked your comments up and un-spammed them. Yes, it’s highly annoying. Have you registered your problem with While they haven’t fixed the issue for me as yet, at least I know somebody is working on it.
      The good news is that you should now be able to comment on my blog. It doesn’t really help much, but feel free to vent your frustration any time you want. I’m always here to listen… πŸ™‚

      • Thank you! πŸ™‚ Yes, I sent Akismet an email yesterday.

        It’s quite odd. Just now, I tried posting a comment on a blog I regularly comment on and it posted absolutely fine. Then, I posted another comment on a different post on the same blog and that one disappeared. Bizarre! Oh well, lets keep our fingers crossed it will be fixed soon.

  8. On a thread in the support forums (which is now closed, perhaps in annoyance at the critical comments) there was bland assurance, which didn’t reassure anyone, and ticking off, which is psychologically counter-productive. All in all, it felt like the blind leading the blind. We’ll just have to wait. Or change to another blogging platform (though they may have similar probs, who knows?)

    • It’s a tough all. I don’t really want to go through the upheaval of joining another blogging platform and it seems that there are enough blogs involved for Akismet to take it seriously. I’ll give it a few more weeks before I do anything drastic. I know that this is being monitored closely by WordPress, so you would think Akismet have an incentive to get it fixed quickly.

      • I’ve not had comments to you and one other blog junked today, so things are looking up! I’ll monitor it too and if this looks to be solved I’ll be dashing off a note of appreciation to WordPress and Akismet.

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  10. Damn I also got marked as a spammer and send them a message. Will see how fast thez are to unlock me. Hope you can reed this message.

    • It’s horrible when you get blocked, but if you are linking to your website I can understand why it happens (as this is what most of the spammers are trying to do). Good luck with getting things sorted out quickly (for the record, your messages didn’t go to my spam folder).

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