Blocked by Akismet – update

pulling hair out

Please fix it quick, it’s not like I had that much hair to begin with (Photo credit: wstera2)

Just a quick update to say – well how do I put this – I’m still unable to comment on other people’s blogs. Well, this isn’t strictly true. I have been commenting on people’s blogs but my comments have gone into spam purgatory. I wouldn’t mind so much but I’m very proud of some of those comments (and maybe ashamed by one or two as well).

So, if you are the owner of the following blogs, please check your spam folder, as hidden away amongst all the dross will be a little gem by me (of course, you can then ignore the comment, but I’d like you to at least have the chance to judge the comment’s worth for yourself).

do not get sick in the sink please

the sporting regard

Shumpty speaks (there my be a couple of comments waiting in purgatory and there are a few more I’ve wanted to make – loved your Ashes blogs)

Plus many, many more of whom I have forgotten.

hopefully it will be all over soon….

Update on the update

I should point out, the people at Akismet are working on this, as I know they are with a number of other bloggers, it’s just there is no resolution in sight.

My original post – Blocked by Akismet