A thank you

This is a very quick post just to thank each and every one of you who has taken the trouble to support the launch of my book. The past few days have been truly memorable. As I speak, Second Chance is currently no.25 in the Amazon.co.uk Science Fiction/Dystopian charts (it’s been as high as 21) and no.9 in the Science Fiction/Genetic Engineering chart, which is frankly beyond my wildest expectations, so an especially big thank you to everybody who has bought a copy so far.

Truly stunned

Truly stunned

The good news is that I’ve had enough sales to enable me to publish the book as a paperback, so for those of you either without a Kindle (or access to the Kindle app on your smartphone or tablet) or prefer the feel and smell of a good book, you will soon be able to read Second Chance too. I’ll let you know as soon as it becomes available.

Of course, it would be crazy to expect this level of sales to last. I’m a realist, and there is a good chance I know at least 60% of the people who have bought the book to date. Still, if you are reading it and enjoying it, please don’t forget to leave a review on the Amazon page. The more good reviews I get, the more likely other people will buy it who have never heard of me.

Finally, a very big thank you to everybody who has been in contact over the past few days. Your good wishes and encouragement have been truly touching and it is your kindness, more than book sales or chart positioning, that will stick with me long after this excitement has passed.

Thank you.