I’m going to be on the radio

Good evening Ipswich Town! (image source: fan pop.com)

Good evening Ipswich Town! (image source: fan pop.com)

I’m just breaking my self-imposed blogging embargo to let you know that I’ll be on the radio to talk about Second Chance this Thursday! How exciting is that? Frankly, I’m slightly terrified at the thought but it should be good fun. I’ve been allowed to choose a few songs that helped inspire my writing, so even if you get bored of my voice you should stay entertained – and it may give you a better insight on how my mind works, for better or worse.

The show is ‘Why the long face?’ with Neale and Shane on ICRFM (105.7FM if you live in Suffolk) or via http://www.icrfm.co.uk if you live elsewhere and is on this Thursday between 10pm and midnight GMT, which is an ideal time for my family in the USA. If, however, that’s a little past your bedtime, I’ll post a link to a recording of the show early next week.

The very nice Shane invited me on the show having read Second Chance. He also wrote a very nice review on the Afterword website including the following:

Set in the near-future (no, come back….) – you know the sort, where they have psychotropic drugs in nightclubs but you still need a good cup of coffee to get you going in the morning – a small cast of characters gradually becomes entwined when someone mysteriously goes missing, the detective assigned to the case is baffled and politicians seeking poll boosts become involved. So far, so Phillip K Dick, yes? Although Hearn wears his influences very clearly on his sleeve, he also has a conversational tone, keeps the rhythm of the writing brisk and has well-developed characters who are easy to become engaged with, whatever their moral stripe. Cleverly blurring the lines between whether this is ultimately a Utopian or a Dystopian society he’s also not afraid to plunge into a bit of casual Nihilism as the mood takes him.

How about that to raise your appetite? After such kind words, I’m hoping for a gentle ride on Thursday but you never know. It could be radio gold or it may be a train wreck, but what better reasons could you need to tune in.

As for my writing, I’m over halfway through the first draft of the followup to Second Chance and it appears to be going well. As always, the characters keep surprising me and there are a number of new characters that have appeared fully formed out of the ether. It has been great fun to write and I hope you enjoy how the story develops. Once the first draft is finished I’ll be back to regular blogging – unless of course I come down with a severe bout of procrastination. We’ll see…

16 thoughts on “I’m going to be on the radio

  1. Wow… Big congratulations, Dylan. That’ll give your sales a boost too. I will look forward to the link and definitely give it a listen. Careful when you’re talking about the book though – don’t give away any spoilers!

    • I’ll be very careful, don’t you worry. I’m not sure whether Hopefully I’ll get some additional sales but it should be a bit of fun and it was very nice of Shane to offer.

    • Thank you Peter. I’m less worried about making a fool of myself, more worried I’ll be dull. We’ll see.
      How are things going with your book? I’m in the middle of a doorstop recommended to me by Jools (Dominion by CJ Sansom) but once I’ve finished I’ll be into yours. I can’t wait.

  2. Wow! I’ll make a note to tune-in Dylan, this is so amazing and exciting for you, great review and publicity and congratulations on doing so well with the draft of your second novel too…you put me to shame!

    • You’ll be able to find out just how much of my Suffolk accent has returned!
      Always remember that it’s not a race, Sherri. You’ll finish your novel when you’re ready!

  3. Dylan, that is fantastic! Hope it all goes well. The above review is great too. Will be starting my copy in the next couple of weeks: it’s moving up my book pile 🙂

  4. Enjoy your experience, Dylan! Thursday afternoons/evenings are busy for me…I’ll see if I can tune in. Otherwise I’ll look forward to listening when you post the link!

    • I will! Just as a warning, because the show is on late here in the UK, the content can sometimes be a little risqué. It may not be, but I wouldn’t want you listening with any children only to get a surprise followed by some awkward questions!

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