Second Chance by Dylan S. Hearn

I was very nervous when I approached Dave to review my book but I’m very glad that I did.


Second Chance by Dylan S. HearnAlthough both ecology and neuroscience are at the heart of the world Hearn creates they do not dominate the novel, making this very definitely a character-driven thriller.

When extremes of weather began to disrupt infrastructure and displace populations even in industrialised nations, the United Nations finally agreed a global solution to climate change. Sustainable power, cutting-edge technology, and open government now allow humanity to retain its comforts without destroying its future.

Struggling to hold onto the Delegate seat she has just won, Stephanie Vaughn throws her weight behind the investigation of a missing student. When lack of progress prevents the popular boost she expected, she must accept covert assistance from Randall, her ex-boyfriend, a data analyst for the cloning company at the heart of humanity’s new society. But Randall’s motives for finding the student are equally tainted: before she disappeared she had begun to question the cloning process; the longer…

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16 thoughts on “Second Chance by Dylan S. Hearn

  1. Another good review, Dylan – and well deserved too. There are enough challenges in writing a compelling story, without layering this into a creatively imagined future – but you succeeded on both counts and I hugely enjoyed the result.

    • Thank you Hailey. Sadly I didn’t think of the design. It was created by James at I chose it because it coulee seen as representative of two key elements from within the book, the datasphere but also the neural network within the brain.

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