Recommended Reads: The Seneca Scourge by Carrie Rubin

Seneca Scourge

She may not know or remember this, but Carrie Rubin was one of the first people to encourage me during my writing adventure. I started following her blog – The Write Transition – around 18 months ago because it was warm, funny and contained lots of information on the ups and downs of writing a novel. She is nothing less than supportive to many people, which made me nervous about buying her book in case I didn’t like it. I’m glad I ignored those fears.

The Seneca Scourge is a great, fast -paced medical thriller, with a twist. The heroine, Dr Sydney McKnight, is asked to work with the eccentric Dr Casper Jones to fight what looks to be an deadly outbreak of a previously benign form of influenza. As the situation deteriorates, the behaviour of her partner raises different, more serious concerns.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a well written, easy read with characters you believed in and a plot that kept you guessing to the last. I was concerned to start off with with the amount of medical terminology but I needn’t have been; Rubin explained things in a way that any layman could understand. There is a point halfway through the book where the story takes a very different turn from the usual medical thriller but I urge you to go with it, because you will be well rewarded. Highly recommended.

You can buy the Seneca Scourge from here and from here.


Recommended reads are independently published books that I have bought and enjoyed. They are part of a commitment to ‘pay it forward’ to other independent authors by buying their work and promoting those that I have enjoyed, both here and on Amazon and Goodreads. I don’t accept submissions but instead focus on people who have helped or inspired me through their blogging or who actively support other writers, but I only recommend those books I have personally enjoyed. If you are an independent author I would encourage you to do the same and help pay it forward to the community. For more information please see my blog post here.