Second Chance on Kindle: Free this weekend only

Second Chance


It’s taken three months and 90,000 words but I’m very happy to say that I have finally finished the first draft of the (as yet untitled) follow up to Second Chance. Rather than go off and drink a bottle of wine to celebrate*, I thought I’d like to share my joy as much as possible.

So for this weekend only, you can get the kindle version of my first book, Second Chance, free from and

Yes, you read that right. You can get all 315 pages of my fast-paced futuristic thriller for free. But you have to move fast. The offer ends midnight Pacific Daylight Time (Los Angeles time for those who aren’t sure) 18th May 2014.

To whet your appetite, here are a few reader review highlights about Second Chance:

“A taut, fast-paced thriller set in the near future, Second Chance hardly gave me a single chance to catch my breath.” – 5 Stars 
“This is a highly enjoyable read – a real page-turner, which kept me guessing to the end” – 5 Stars 
“Political intrigue, neuroscience, a missing-persons investigation–this well-written novel has it all.” – 5 Stars 
“The people-stories just pull you in. It’s clever, but not inaccessible.” – 5 Stars

So what are you waiting for?

For people in the US, to get your free copy of Second Chance from click here

For people in Canada, to get your free copy of Second Chance from click here

For people in the UK & Ireland,  to get your free copy of Second Chance from click here


The offer starts at 0:01 am PDT on the 17th May 2014 and ends at 23:59 PDT 18th May 2014**.

* I may do this as well.

**Unless of course I’ve somehow screwed things up, which is a possibility.


24 thoughts on “Second Chance on Kindle: Free this weekend only

  1. I see you only have a couple of reviews on Good Reads and Amazon. I’ll download this and give you a comprehensive review. Good luck with the promotion!

      • I’m sure I will Dylan, the reviews are good. I’ve made a promise recently to support self published authors. Initially this will be UK based ones, I don’t think we help each other out enough.

        Will write a blog review when it’s done!


      • Thanks Dylan, will look it up. Hopefully this is the start, I want to set up a UK based authors group, where it’s all about supporting each other…one great review you is a great review for all of us. Writing can be such a lonely place at times, also so many authors have turned into salesman in how try promote their books. I don’t want that, there has to be another way! Will keep you in mind once I’ve figured out how the group will work.

        Take care


  2. Thank you Dylan, I have downloaded it and will give you a review as soon as I can. All the very best with no.2 – go you! 🙂

  3. We’ll done for finishing your first draft – it took me 2 1/2 years to finish my first draft of ‘Singled Out’ – and then the work really started. Enjoy the next part of the process! Lovely offer for the weekend too.

  4. Have downloaded and am looking forward to reading and reviewing for you. There’s a separate link for Amazon Canada, by the way, but I was happy to find your book listed there, too! (

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