Gone fishing

beach and kindle

I’ll be away for the next week and a bit having a well-earned break on the south coast of England. By the time you read this I will have finished editing the second part of my sequel to Second Chance (only part 3 to go!) and I have to say, despite a little wobble a few weeks back, the process had gone well and I’m very happy with the results. Of course, this may all change once I receive my beta reader feedback.

My Kindle is loaded with books – some of which I’m hoping to feature as Recommended Reads when I return – and a friend’s manuscript where I get to turn the tables and provide constructive criticism for a change (cue maniacal laugh).

I’m sure I’ll be in contact with some of you on twitter every now and then but if not, I look forward to catching up on my return.

Now where did I put that sun cream?

10 thoughts on “Gone fishing

  1. HI,
    I hope you had sunshine, fun and a good break with your family.
    Now you feel rested, recuperated and motivated. I, for one; look forward to watching this space.
    When I go on holiday, from the rigours of life. Now day’s It is accepted that I wont be on holiday from, words, Plots, characters, ideas etc… My head hears “holiday” and starts coming up with all sorts of things. Is that just me?
    I am not into self flagellation, nor have I masochistic tendencies. So a note book is always near, and as is expected I give in to it. Wanting to have Dad fun, husband time and all that family holidays bring, I wonder if you shut off your “word gene”( as I call it) off, and how? 🙂

    • I had a lovely time, thanks, although I’m not sure rested and recuperated are the words I’d use for holidaying with two young children. 🙂 I didn’t write anything but did read a lot and also critiqued a friend’s manuscript. I had a few ideas for stories and how to improve my current book which I look forward to working on over the next couple of weeks.

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