Recommended Reads – Let’s Get Digital by David Gaughran

lets get digital2

One of my commitments when looking to Pay It Forward to authors was to select those that have either provided support to me directly or who have been supportive of others in the community as a whole, and there are very few authors who have had such an impact on those of us looking to self-publish as David Gaughran. His blog – also called Let’s Get Digital – is a treasure trove of news and information for the novice or experienced self-publisher alike. I thoroughly recommend you take a look.

If you are thinking about self-publishing, I recommend you buy Let’s Get Digital. If you have self-published your first book recently, I recommend you buy Let’s Get Digital. If you are an experienced self-publisher, I recommend you buy Let’s Get Digital.

In this newly revised book, Gaughran starts out with a description of the current publishing climate, giving strong reasons as to why writers should self-publish. It then moves on to the nuts and bolts of how to self-publish with clear instruction that anybody could follow. It then moves on to how to market your book and develop a “sticky readership” and ends with a series of stories from self-published authors who started with nothing and went on to become a success. Then, if that wasn’t enough, come a series of appendices including checklists leading up to and post-publishing, how to set up mailing lists, advice on how to create paperback books and specific support for authors of short stories.

This comprehensive book provides excellent advice in a no nonsense style without any gimmicks or magic beans. If you are serious about self-publishing, you should own this book. Highly recommended

To find out the many places where you can buy Let’s get digital, click here

8 thoughts on “Recommended Reads – Let’s Get Digital by David Gaughran

    • I agree. I bought Let’s Get Visible a while back and it has been invaluable in helping me find a way to maintain a sub-category chart positioning – and therefore visibility – for all but a handful of days since my book was published.

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