Don’t feel bad, I want you to download my free book


I don’t know about you, but whenever I see an author running a free promotion I find myself in a dilemma. If I’m aware of a book promotion then the chances are I know of the author, or somebody I respect knows and likes the author’s work. And that’s where things get a little awkward.

On the one hand I would like to download the book. If I’ve heard of the book then it may well be a work I’m curious about but for whatever reason has never made it onto my reading list. It may be I’ve only just met the author and it’s on my wish list but below a number of other authors I’ve met earlier. It may even be a genre or style of book that I don’t usually read but I enjoy the author’s blog. Either way, I’m interested.


On the other hand, I’m a big supporter of my fellow writers. I buy a lot of books written by indie authors. I’m happy – and can afford – to pay for the book. So I always feel awkward about downloading a free offer because if I want to support my fellow writers as much as I say I do, I should wait and pay for the book once it returns to its normal price. That’s my dilemma, and it’s one that has particular significance over the coming days.

From Wednesday this week, Second Chance: the Transcendence Trilogy Book 1 will be available for free for five days, and I would love you to download it.

Yes, all of you.

Not only would I like you to download it, I would like you to do so without feeling the slightest twinge of guilt. And if you follow indie authors like I do, then I know some of you will have been tempted to download Second Chance in the past. So I ask you:

  • If you’ve been thinking about buying it but have never got around to it, download it on Wednesday for free.
  • If you’re curious about Second Chance but are unsure whether it’s your kind of thing, please download it and find out.
  • If you like my blog but don’t see yourself as a fan of science fiction, download it. Not only do you not have anything to lose, many readers who don’t usually read science fiction have enjoyed my book. Don’t take my word for it, have a look at some of the 30 reviews on
  • And of course, if you find your love of books outstrips your ability to purchase them, then please help yourself with my thanks.

Because if you download my book for free you won’t be harming me, you won’t be stealing from me, you will be helping me. The most difficult thing for any indie author is visibility. By downloading my book you will be giving visibility. At first this will be in the free science fiction/cyberpunk charts, but if enough of you download it, my book will move to the more competitive science fiction/dystopian charts, the on to the main science fiction charts, each step bringing visibility to an even wider audience.

The more people who know it is available, the more chance it will be downloaded. Some of those people will read it and enjoy it, so much so they will want to read the second book in the trilogy, Absent Souls, which just happens to be published on Friday.

And even after Second Chance reverts back to its normal price, all those free downloads help contribute to its popularity rating, and an item’s popularity rating is the default sort order on an Amazon search.

So on Wednesday, please don’t be shy. Download my book for free. And if you’re feeling especially supportive, you could always read it and leave a review.

 About Second Chance

One crime, four people and a secret that could shake the world to its foundations.

Four lives become linked by a student’s disappearance: a politician looking to put integrity back into politics, an investigator hoping to atone for past mistakes, a data cleanser searching for a better life while haunted by his past and a re-life technician creating new lives for old souls.

But it soon becomes clear this is no ordinary case, and in the pursuit of the truth, long-held secrets risk being revealed.

Set in the near future where everybody is connected and death isn’t final, this is the story of how far those in power will go to retain control, and the true price to pay for a Second Chance.

Praise for Second Chance

“Political intrigue, neuroscience, a missing-persons investigation – this well-written novel has it all.” – Carrie Rubin, author of The Seneca Scourge

“a highly entertaining and thought-provoking first novel” – Vaughan Stanger, author of Moondust Memories

“As plot twists were revealed, I found it hard to put down and read the last third in one sitting.” – Katrina Montfort, author of Future Perfect

“Overall I enjoyed this novel greatly. I recommend it to readers looking for an engaging science-fiction or political thriller.” – Dave Higgins, Davetopia Blog and author of Greenstar Season 1

“This is a slick, well written book with a strong storyline and plenty of narrative tension.” – Sarah J Higby – Brainfluff blog


31 thoughts on “Don’t feel bad, I want you to download my free book

  1. I loved Second Chance as you know, and I’m going to forward your generous offer to a few avid readers, friends of mine who wouldn’t normally go for sci-fi/dystopian stories. You get the chart exposure, and they will get ‘no risk’ exposure to something new and intriguing.

  2. Good luck with the promo, Dylan. I think it’s the perfect strategy ahead of your next release. This is a dilemma I struggle with too, so I’ll be watching your situation closely! (And I’ll download as well… 😜)

  3. I’ve purchased most of the Indie books I’ve read, but a few I downloaded for free or for $0.99. I figure even if we don’t pay for the book, the reviews we leave help the author out anyway. And I think what you’re doing is a smart marketing move. Let readers have a chance at the first book for free just before the release of the second. I wish you luck with your launch! You’ve got a great blog, and I’m sure you have plenty of readers who look forward to your second novel. (BTW, thanks for including a blurb from me. 🙂 )

    • Thank you, Carrie. I agree, reviews are also a great way of supporting our fellow authors and I know you’re also a big supporter of new authors, whether indie or traditionally published. As for including you in the blurb, it’s me who should be thanking you for such nice comments 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on A Writer's Notepad and commented:
    I enjoyed Dylan’s book very much indeed, though it’s not a genre I would typically try. I’d recommend it simply as a darn good read, but also because Dylan represents all that is good and positive and ethical in indie publishing.

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