Absent Souls by Dylan S Hearn

The first review for Absent Souls is in and I’m absolutely thrilled. Thank you so much for the well written and informative review, Dave. I’m really glad you enjoyed it.


Absent Souls by Dylan S HearnIn this sequel to Second Chance, Hearn has produced another post-cyberpunk tale that very definitely puts substance over style. While it does not skimp on interesting technology and racing action, this work runs on character not tech-porn.

As this is the second book in a series, this review might contain spoilers for the previous book.

The novel opens two years after the events of Second Chance, with the death of the Prime Delegate’s brother in the Shambles. Caught between being seen to help the authorities and being painted by the authorities as complicit in the death, crime boss Mike O’Driscoll needs to walk a tightrope just to stay still.

At first the appointment of Nico Tandelli, an investigator open to letting O’Driscoll save face, as lead on the murder case seems the break the crime boss needs; however, Nico is carrying out his own covert investigation into a…

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Absent Souls – available to buy today!

Absent Souls - High Resolution

I am very pleased to announce that Absent Souls, the Transcendence Trilogy Book 2, is now available to buy on Kindle!

One death, two nations on the brink of war, and four people fighting the ghosts of their past.

Mick O’Driscoll has a problem. A man has died in the Scrambles, and nothing happens in the Scrambles without his permission, or so he thought. The death spells trouble and O’Driscoll knows it. The question is, who killed the Prime Delegate’s brother on his turf and why?

Set two years after the events of Second Chance, Absent Souls follows the story of four people struggling to deal with events in the present while tormented by events from the past: an Investigator, tortured by the memory of a man he couldn’t find and a crime he was unable solve; a crime lord, forced to live a life he inherited but never truly wanted; a Professor, using academic success to drown out his guilt; and a Global Governance operative, slowly becoming the very thing she’s fighting against.

Forced to work with those they distrust in an effort to uncover the truth, it soon becomes clear that it’s not just their own lives they need to protect, but the very future of humanity that’s at stake.

Absent Souls is the much anticipated follow up to Second Chance, which has over 30 reviews on amazon.co.uk at a 4.7-star average on amazon.co.uk. Here is what some reviewers had to say about Second Chance:

“Political intrigue, neuroscience, a missing-persons investigation – this well-written novel has it all.” – Carrie Rubin, author of The Seneca Scourge

“a highly entertaining and thought-provoking first novel” – Vaughn Stanger, author of Moondust Memories

“As plot twists were revealed, I found it hard to put down and read the last third in one sitting.” – Katrina Montfort, author of Future Perfect

“Overall I enjoyed this novel greatly. I recommend it to readers looking for an engaging science-fiction or political thriller.” – Dave Higgins, Davetopia Blog and author of Greenstar Season 1

“This is a slick, well written book with a strong storyline and plenty of narrative tension.” – Sarah J Higby – Brainfluff blog

To buy

Absent Souls is available exclusively through Amazon as an e-book from Friday 28th November 2014. To purchase, please click on the relevant link below:

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And don’t forget, if you’ve not yet read Second Chance, it is still available for FREE on Kindle until Sunday! To find out more, click here

If you don’t own a Kindle but have either a smart-phone or a tablet, you can still read Absent Souls via the Kindle app. For further information, please click here.