Join my mailing list and get one of my ebooks for #free


If you’ve visited this blog recently you may have noticed a monkey at the top right-hand side of the page. This is mail chimp and he signifies that I have a new mailing list.

The mailing list will be used purely to let you know when I’ll be publishing a new book. Those on the mailing list will be the first to hear when my next book is launched.

Even better, if you join my mailing list you can have either of my books in the Transcendence Trilogy – Second Chance or Absent Souls – absolutely free. If you have a non-kindle reader you can have it in .epub format, something you cannot currently buy.

All I ask in return is that once you’ve read the free book, you leave a review on either Amazon or Goodreads.

That’s it.

I’m also hoping to write a few short stories set in the same world as The Transcendence Trilogy that will only be available exclusively to my mailing list members, so watch this space.

If you sign up I promise not to fill your email with spam, or to pass on your details to anybody else.

So if you missed out on the recent promotion for Second Chance and would like to try it for free, click here. For those of you who have read Second Chance and are interested in learning what happens next, click here and I’ll send you your very own copy of Absent Souls, absolutely free. Or, if you prefer, just click on the monkey!

If you are one of those special people to have purchased both of my books, you can still sign up to have access to the exclusive material – along with a personal thank you from me for being such a wonderful person.