What every indie author wants for Christmas

Christmas Present

I was going to write a long post on the best things to buy an indie author this Christmas but I hit writers block. It wasn’t that I’d run out of ideas, it was because one gift idea completely swamped the others in terms of relevance. What is it that most indie authors would like for Christmas?

That a book of theirs was given as a gift to somebody else.

Most of us are too modest – or think the idea too crass – to give our own work out at Christmas. We hate self-promotion at the best of times but even for those of us who have reluctantly grasped the marketing nettle, giving out our own work as presents to friends and family is a step too far.

However, this doesn’t stop us from gifting the work of our peers that we’ve enjoyed to our friends or family, or from you for giving our work as gifts to your friends either.

So if you have a writer in your life and you wish to give them the best Christmas gift ever, buy a book of theirs for somebody else. If you are a writer who has particularly enjoyed another indie writer’s book this year, why don’t you give that out for Christmas. It’s a double whammy, making both the recipient, and the author, very happy.



how-to-give-away-kindle-booksIf you live in the US you can simply click on a button, add the email address of the person the gift is for, add the date you wish the ebook to be sent, and it’s done.

Sadly this option isn’t available in Europe (please fix this soon, Amazon), but you can still give an Amazon gift voucher and email the recipient a recommendation of a book to purchase.

Paperback books

There is something about receiving a paper book that’s very special. If it was down to me, the only gifts I’d give are books*. A paperback is a great option as a gift, especially if you know the author (hint, hint to my friends and family) as you can also ask them to add a personal message to the recipient, making the gift extra special.

*It’s not down to me.

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34 thoughts on “What every indie author wants for Christmas

  1. A very thoughtful and altogether different type of Christmas list – kind of like one of those charity appeals but for starving writers rather than starving children!

  2. What a great idea! I agree that paperback books are super special and I love giving them as gifts. I just love the smell of real books. 🙂

  3. Thank you. I love this idea and couldn’t agree more. I recently learned the “gift giving” option is also not available from Canada’s Amazon. Why is that? Such a shame. It’s a lovely and convenient option and there are oh so many indie choices out there! Happy holidays.

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