Little indie gems from 2014

I’m thrilled Jane has nominated Second Chance as one of her Indie Gems for 2014 for three reasons.
1. She’s a great writer herself which makes the praise extra special.
2. She produced my favourite one line description of Second Chance, “a really gripping story, so very believable and truly horrible in places.”
3. She name checked PD James’ The Children of Men, which was an influence as far as the setting was concerned – a future very similar to today but with the occasional major difference.
Thank you, Jane, for your very kind words and for highlighting some more books to add to my TBR list.

Jane Dougherty Writes

2014 was the year I published The Green Woman trilogy and a clutch of short stories set in her world. I’d love it if you checked out the list on Amazon.

It’s also the year I discovered a bunch of indie authors mainly thanks to this blog. Everybody seems to be making a list of their favourite reads of 2014, and I’d like to jump on the bandwagon. There are reviews of most of them on this blog somewhere if you search through book reviews. Here goes, in reverse chronological order.

Second Chance: The Transcendence Trilogy #1 by Dylan Hearn.

I haven’t written the review yet, but I will. This is a really gripping story, so very believable and truly horrible in places. It reminded me a little of P.D. James’ The Children of Men but much more focused on a single incident with tentacular ramifications. Recommended…

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2 thoughts on “Little indie gems from 2014

  1. Your post was quite inciteful. I do not normally sign up for much, but thought it might be interesting. What kind of books do you write? And which is the free choice?
    Evelyn Steward.

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