Book review: Second Chance by Dylan Hearn

A few days ago Jane Dougherty named Second Chance as one of her Indie Gems of 2014. Now she’s written her review. Naturally, I’m thrilled with what she’s had to say.

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Jane Dougherty Writes

Second Chance (The Transcendence Trilogy Book 1) by Dylan Hearn

Second Chance is thrilling and chilling. There is blood and gore, but it is the cold-blooded, or even bloodless aspect of British society that is really at the core of this story of a political system that controls everything even beyond the grave.
There are four distinct threads to the story as well as sub-stories, as murky as the crumbling cityscape. Each chapter adds a little more detail to one of the main threads, and as Dylan Hearn pulls in the threads, we begin to see through the murk to where they are all going. And it’s not a nice place, I can tell you.

The technical parts, the cloning and regeneration, the memories that are replaced in the new brain, or not, depending, seem perfectly feasible to a non-techy person like me. The idea of cheating death on…

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