Second Chance by Dylan S Hearn

Another great review of Second Chance, this time picking up on some aspects not covered before in other reviews. I’m especially thrilled by this review, not just because Andrew is a writer I admire, but because he is a big science fiction fan and has a deep knowledge of the genre, so praise from him is praise indeed 🙂

Andrew Knighton writes

In the age of the YA dystopia, it’s easy to find fiction that looks at what disaster might come our way and how we might survive. What I haven’t seen much of, and one of the things I really enjoyed about Dylan S Hearn‘s Second Chance, is that this book goes beyond that immediate speculation into a world where humanity has survived its own recklessness. Then it takes a step back and asks, what was the cost of that survival?

Mystery and Suspense

Second Chance is a tight, well-placed near future thriller. A young woman has gone missing, vanished despite the near-ubiquity of electronic surveillance. Many people are interested in uncovering, concealing or using the truth about her disappearance. A politician who will automatically lose her seat when her popularity falls. A detective from a private police company. A data cleanser, a type of researcher tasked with identifying and containing information that…

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2 thoughts on “Second Chance by Dylan S Hearn

  1. Great review Dylan. To be honest, I didn’t notice the prose style at all. The story carried me along so quickly I was completely absorbed by what was happening to the characters, almost as if I was watching them rather than reading them. Which I suspect is the effect you were aiming for 🙂

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