Conversation Corner with Dylan Hearn, Author of The Transcendence Trilogy

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been interviewed by the wonderful Sue from Doorway Between Worlds. I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. If you’d like to know more about me, my writing, how I approach world building, the music that inspires me or many other topics we covered, why don’t you pop over to Sue’s blog and say hello!

Doorway Between Worlds

When I first came across sci-fi author Dylan Hearn’s blog Suffolk Scribblings, I was immediately impressed with the vibrant community feeling I found in the comments. This was a place where people felt engaged. As I continued to follow his blog, I discovered that Dylan provides great support to the writing community through his insightful posts and his “pay it forward” support of indie publications. I asked Dylan if he would be willing to share his thoughts about writing and community with DBW readers. Here is our conversation about desire and opportunity, world-building, reader engagement, and electronica.

On your About page, you state that you are an author, and that “it has taken me a while to admit this.” How did you get started on your writing journey? What was holding you back?

When I was younger I had two loves, reading and music. I’ve always enjoyed reading. According…

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3 thoughts on “Conversation Corner with Dylan Hearn, Author of The Transcendence Trilogy

    • Hi Lori, thanks so much for dropping by. I’m glad you liked the interview. It was great fun doing it and can’t wait to do a follow-up some time.
      Yes, I think it’s important for us indie authors to give something back to the community. So many of us have, and continue to receive help from other authors. the least we can do is read each other’s books and promote the ones we like.

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