New Kindle announced – Kindle Aroma

Kindle Aroma

I don’t normally talk about e-reader technology but the latest announcement from Amazon has got me really excited. Called the Kindle Aroma, it’s been designed to address one of the reasons many people still prefer to read a book as opposed to the more convenient e-reader – its smell.

The Kindle Aroma comes with a small changeable scent ‘capsule’ that gently emits the evocative smell of paperback books whenever the Kindle is being read, giving the user the sensory illusion they are holding a real book in their hands.

“The Kindle Aroma has undergone extensive focus group testing,” said Angela Fripolola, Kindle Aroma Product Manager, “and the results have been beyond expectations. Over 95% of those taking part preferred the Kindle Aroma over our flagship product, the Kindle Voyage, with some refusing to hand them back at the end of the session.”

While the product will be shipped with the standard paperback scent, there are plans to release different types of book smells to match the type of book being read. “Our research team have identified a number of key scents, from ‘pristine newly printed’ to ‘mouldering in the back of the charity shop box’ and ‘fusty vintage first edition,’ along with ‘well-loved sticky fingered copy’ for our children’s books.” Ms Fripolola continued.

The new Kindle Aroma also replicates the sound of a turning page each time the screen is tapped to move on, with different sounds depending on how hard the screen is tapped. “We were going to add a torn page sound for the most extreme strength of tap,” Ms Fripolola said, “but it led to tears during testing so we took that option out.”

Also, in a response to the recent Clean Reader controversy, Amazon are considering offering their own user defined word filter called the Cursematron, which selectively adds curse words and increases the level of sex and violence for adults who enjoy reading MG and YA books but like a little more grit in their literature. The first book scheduled to be released under this programme is To Kill a f***ing Mockingbird.

Fool Me Once

33 thoughts on “New Kindle announced – Kindle Aroma

  1. Did you read what they said about future releases taking this cutting-edge innovation into micro-sensory territory? One day, when you purchase a Kindle book, you’ll be able to request the corresponding capsule, which is pre-programmed to release aromas custom-designed to enhance your experience of the story, on a page-by-bags basis. Fight scenes will suffuse with the tang of sweat and blood; a romantic stroll in the countryside will bloom with the scent of wildflowers; and those bedroom scenes will… oh, but then again, perhaps not. It will give us writers a fantastic opportunity, not only to imagine the story, but to ‘script’ those smells too! I’m excited!

  2. Ha! You almost had me. Are they going to coat it with an anti-bacterial substance so the readers can be assured it will be microbe-free? Maybe a small solar panel too, in order to minimize it’s carbon footprint.

  3. Please, please, let there be Kindle Bendy, for when you read novels from the 50s and 60s. You know, when you opened the originals and the paper tore and the glue cracked and the pages fell out and you had to hope for a future reissue when they used proper glue and acid-free paper and all. I’d love to have a Bendy where there was a satisfying crack and the innards spilt out.

    Seriously, only joking, Dylan. Mostly.

    • I don’t remember the paperback novels of the 50’s and 60’s but I remember my copy of ‘The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4s’ doing exactly the same thing in the early 80’s. Still, I’d love that they put the cracking sound it, just to raise the pulse rate a little 😉

  4. Okay, you had me. Really! I was starting to think, “Good Lord, now I’ve truly heard everything.” Nice one, Dylan. 🙂

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