My Review of “Second Chance” by Dylan S. Hearn

It’s always lovely receiving a positive review but especially so from a writer who you respect. Scott Whitmore wrote this yesterday about Second Chance, so I thought I’d share.
Thank you, Scott. This means a lot.

Scott Whitmore, writer

25414342One of the reasons I like reading and writing science fiction is how well the genre plays with others. Create a interesting futuristic setting, on Earth or somewhere in space, and there are any number of story types — mystery, thriller, romance, action/adventure, etc. — that can be told, separately or blended together.

The excellent first entry of the Transcendence Trilogy, Second Chanceby Dylan Hearn (@HearnDylan) is a political/conspiracy thriller wrapped around a mystery, seasoned with some philosophy and served with a side of plot twists. I was guessing about how the various pieces of the puzzle fit together right up to the final pages. Book 2 is already on my To-Read List.

Set an unspecified time in the future, the Earth has faced catastrophic upheavals including climate change but emerged more unified thanks to a historical agreement among world leaders brokered by the UN. Even the…

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