Promotion Warning

Two Covers

This is just a little heads up that I’ll be running a free ebook promotion on Second Chance and a 99p/99c offer on Absent Souls for a few days from Friday and may be posting and tweeting about it. For those of you who dislike author promotions, you may want to avoid my blog / twitter feed from Friday and through the weekend (although I promise not to overdo it. After that normal service will be resumed.

For the rest of you lovely readers, if you’d be willing to share or retweet my promotion when it starts I’d be eternally grateful, but if you’d prefer not to I won’t hold it against you.

Of course, for those of you who can’t wait that long, you could always sign up to my mailing list and get your choice of book absolutely free!

Love and hugs,



18 thoughts on “Promotion Warning

  1. I’ll be happy to share it on Twitter! In fact, I should start doing so on Google+ too. I rarely use that site. I have good intentions, and then I forget about it. :/

    Good luck with the promotion. That’s a great price for your books!

  2. I do author spotlights on my blog, if you’re quick with getting your promotional stuff back to me I can get up on a post during your promotional period. Send me a private message via the author spotlight link on my blog if you’re interested….and good luck!

    • Thank you so much for the offer and your best wishes. Unfortunately my book is for a mature audience, so it wouldn’t meet your criteria, but it was a very kind offer that’s much appreciated.

  3. I say promote, promote, promote. Anyone has a problem they can just deal with it? Tough to be an independent author. I’m willing to help if you need me to. Just let me know – blog is always open.

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