VOTING NOW OPEN – Annual Bloggers Bash Awards

Many of you may have already seen this but if you haven’t, there are some great *ahem* blogs that have been nominated *ahem* for the annual bloggers bash awards.
*gives long, knowing look before giving up disgusted at his shallow attempts at touting for votes*

Sacha Black


You nominated in your hundreds – literally! I had to enlist a committee of fabulous bloggers (Ali, Geoff and Hugh) to help organise all the nominations and sort them into this, the official voting post. To find out more about the #BloggersBash event have a look at this, this or this.

11733474_10207031963138573_162371955_nBefore we begin voting, there’s one more thing to add. The lovely Geoff decided we needed to stand out from the crowd so that y’all can find us at the British Library on the 1st August. So he has ordered some Annual Bloggers Bash t-shirts. The committee will be wearing them, but it was cheaper to bulk buy, so inevitably we have spares. SO, if you win one of the awards then a t shirt is yours! But if you would like a t-shirt anyway then they will be £6 on the day. Geoff is…

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4 thoughts on “VOTING NOW OPEN – Annual Bloggers Bash Awards

  1. Truth is, I’m never really impressed with these sort of things 😦 They are too easily fixed, and everyone nominates the ones everyone reads regardless of whether they are ‘best’ or not.

    I prefer reading a thoughtful blog, where the blogger doesn’t post every day, or reblog what everyone else does. I like your individual approach to writing reviews and your critical approach to the whole star system.

    I’d nominate you for most considered thoughtful literary blog, or some such category.

    Regardless, I’ll vote for you 😀

    • Thank you! That makes two of us 😉
      I wouldn’t have used the term ‘fixed’ but you’re right, they can be skewed towards blogs with the most traffic (but then, the reason they have the most traffic is because they are popular). To be honest, I’m thrilled just to be nominated.
      Thank you, also, for your kind words. It’s the first time anybody has used the term ‘literary’ in relation to my writing. I’m going to print your comment off and place it on the wall so I can use it as motivation during moments of self-doubt. 🙂

      • Two of us who have voted for you? 😀

        I have seen so many please vote for me blog posts and Facebook links for these sort of awards that it really devalues any genuine attempt at rewarding blogs that merit it.

        Popularity doesn’t = a good blog though. Do you read the Daily Mail? Do you watch reality TV programmes?

        Does that make them good?

        Well, I do think you concentrate on the literary aspects of blogging, reviewing and being an author. Next you’ll be wanting a certificate!!

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