Toofer one #giveaway: Buy Occasional Soulmates n’ get Yesterday Road for free!

I really enjoyed both of these books and listed them as Recommended Reads, so if you want to great books at an excellent price, why not take advantage of this offer!


3D cover

Here’s a nifty little deal for the weekend. Tell your amigos and amigas.

Buy a copy of Occasional Soulmates for $3.99 and I’ll shoot you a free copy of Yesterday Road in whatever ebook format you prefer.

Just send a copy of your Amazon receipt to kevinbrennan520(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll reply with your freebie.

I know many regular readers have already bought and read both books, but here’s a chance to deepen the readership pool. Spread the word, or get the pair and give them as gifts to your ebook-reading compadres.

Tweet this post to all your tweetniks so they can take advantage. Two fine novels for under four bucks, but the offer ends Sunday evening.

Have a great weekend, everybody. Summer’s wrapping up in a hurry.

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