Genesis Redux by Dylan S. Hearn

How to make an author’s day!
The first official review of Genesis Redux is in from Dave Higgins. Thank you so much for your kind words. Is it too early in the day to open the champagne?


Genesis Redux by Dylan S. HearnHearne mixes complex, gritty politics with technology just beyond our own to create a dystopia that is both surprising and all too familiar.

This novel is the third volume in the Transcendence Trilogy. As such, the remainder of this data file poses a risk of corrupting the users surprise file for previous volumes.

Nico Tandelli and Mike O’Driscoll have been imprisoned by mysterious forces. Stephanie Vaughn is trapped in an unresponsive body. And the conservative faction of Global Governance are all but overthrown. But as Indigo reaches for the prize she has lied, stolen, and manipulated her way toward, it is snatched from her. As each struggles to break free, the secret battle for humanity’s future becomes open war.

As befits the conclusion of a trilogy, both the scale and consequences of the plot are larger. However, Hearne deftly avoids catastrophe for the sake of it; at its heart this…

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8 thoughts on “Genesis Redux by Dylan S. Hearn

  1. Congrats Dylan, I have no doubt it is well deserved. I didn’t realise you had published as I was offline for most of last month, domestics and such like.

    Also, I read Two Towers first and it made sense, otherwise I pretty much agree with your ten tips in your previous post. I’d probably go with at least first drafting all three in a trilogy first, although most people I know of don’t 😀

    Good luck with GR.

    • Thank you. I was really pleased by Dave’s review because, although he’d enjoyed the first two books, there’s no guarantee the third would match both expectations and reach a satisfying conclusion.
      I’ve no idea how you made sense of the Two Towers first, although having just pulled it off the shelf I see there’s a synopsis of the Fellowship of the Ring at the front.
      I think most experienced writers draft all three (or at least have a clear plan) before progressing, but us new writers don’t because we’re so keen to get published!

      • I think if one enjoys two books, that means the reader likes the style, so unless the finale is total tosh, there’s a good chance someone would like it. I’ve been reading a series of six (!) and really enjoyed them all, futuristic, dystopian, adventure, an all-round good read, and that’s what we want 🙂
        I ddn’t read the synopsis. I often read books out of sync, if you remember, I read yours in the wrong order. Good books mean you can do that 🙂 (which is a veiled compliment as well as a general comment).

  2. I must get back into your series, Dylan. I enjoyed the first book very much but will have to reread before starting on the sequel. I’ll take this opportunity to thank you for the splendid review of Abomination. I really appreciate it 🙂 If you’d like a copy of the sequel, just let me know.

  3. It’s tough, isn’t it, holding your breath while the first readers make their way through your story. This is a great review, and I’m absolutely certain there will be plenty more. Mine on the way very soon (apologies – I’ve been away on my hols) 🙂

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