NaNoWriMo Update



I just thought I’d give you a quick update on how NaNoWriMo is going. I’m pleased to say I’m well ahead of schedule, which is good as I won’t have the chance to write much over the next couple of days. The story is flying. As it’s a completely new world for me I’m finding I’m over-writing – long descriptive passages, far too much detail – but this is helping me get a real feel for the world I’m creating and can be pruned hard during the edit.


As a plotter I’m finding the story is roughly going ahead as planned. That said, I’ve already changed the main occupation of my lead character, introduced characters who had just appeared out of nothing and created two religions, all of which may not make the final cut. As you might guess, I’m having an absolute blast pulling everything together.*

So how are the rest of my fellow NaNoWriMo writers getting on? Are you on track or are you struggling? I’d love to hear from you.


*Remind me of this during the next update if I complain about how difficult this NaNoWriMo malarkey is!


11 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Update

  1. I love that you “introduced characters who had just appeared out of nothing”. That happens to me, too, and it’s such a delight. I’m also happy that so far NaNo has been good to you. I’m barely keeping to schedule, and that will be a problem because the coming week includes 5 days of little chance for writing. Time to buckle down. My problem: my plot is moving too slowly, but I’m not sure how to speed things up. Perhaps I should just write the critical scenes that will come later, including the “crisis”, and then go back to write the connecting chapters. Yep, that may work. Thanks for this, Dylan, and good luck!

    • I wouldn’t worry if your plot is moving too slowly, you can sort that out in the edit. I know this is happening to me as well, especially for a children’s book, because I’m over-writing but I’m actually enjoying the fact. In the past I may have spent time trying to think of the best way to describe something whereas now I may describe it in three or four ways, knowing that I’ll pick one (or an amalgamation) during the edit. I’ve found it liberating – it allows me to be even more creative than usual with no pressure to ‘get it right.’

  2. I’m already behind but I’m trying to view it as ahead, meaning I’ve written more than if I wasn’t doing NaNo.
    Sounds like yore having a ball.

  3. I’ve written 6000 words so far which takes me to 48k, but I’m still going through the original 42k and editing . When I reach the end of the old stuff it might go quicker. Or not.

    • An extra 6K of words on top of editing is a great effort! I think what I enjoy the most about NaNo is that it gives you an extra incentive to keep writing. The buddy system is particularly good. It’s not that you stay in contact so much, it’s more that seeing other people progress encourages you to push just that little bit further.
      Or maybe it’s just me and my competitive streak … 😉

      • I have to update my comment. This morning I junked 4000 words that were surplus to requirements. I’ve since written another 1000 so I’m at plus 3000 now. I’m getting into rather confused territory now. Looking at the regional thing, I’ve discovered that there’s a group meets in a bar in Bordeaux on Saturdays. I might drop in as long as it isn’t going to be too cerebral. The members are mainly French…

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