#Bookblogger bashing: in the end, you’re only hurting yourself #MondayBlogs

It’s been a while since I’ve posted (sorry, I’m still working hard on my next book) and hadn’t planned to post but this piece from Terry on Rosie’s blog deserves to be spread far and wide.
If you are an author and you ask someone for their honest opinion of your work, don’t get upset if they give it. Book bloggers are treasures. They should be encouraged, praised, and if possible given red wine and chocolates. These wonderful people give up their time, for free, to review books. And as every book is a piece of art, whether they like it or not is subjective (if you don’t believe me, look up the one-star reviews on your favourite book).
A well-thought out review is a gift, whether positive or negative, and if you don’t think you can react well to somebody not liking your book, then you should think long and hard about publishing it at all.


6 thoughts on “#Bookblogger bashing: in the end, you’re only hurting yourself #MondayBlogs

    • You’re more than welcome, Rosie. I find it amazing that some writers think hassling reviewers is acceptable. I’ve seen so many posts from reviewers calling it a day for this reason. Its so sad that people feel forced to give up the joy of talking about books because of a few idiots.

  1. This is an excellent article, and one that speaks to me deeply as a book blogger. I’ve been lucky to avoid a lot of the trolling, but I know it’s lurking, and I’m still a fairly small blog.

    Kudos to Terry for writing this. (And I like your idea of wine and chocolate! I will happily read pretty much anything if you promise me wine and chocolate!)

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