A Great Debate: E-Book or Paperback–Which Do You Prefer?

I really enjoyed this post. So how about you? Which do you prefer, and why?

Write of Passage

ebook-vs-printI used to work with a girl who never bought books–NEVER bought books.

Before you light your torches and sharpen your pitchforks I should probably mention she does READ books–she reads all the time; however, she only reads e-books, and only if they are free.

I’ve known people on both sides of the spectrum: those who only read e-books (old coworker) and those who only read paperbacks (my mother).

I’m sure most of you, like me, fall somewhere in the middle.

My personal philosophy: It doesn’t matter as long as you read.

Let me make a confession: I was once one of those people who used to touch, dust, and eye-caress my paperbacks, swearing to them I’d never betray them by downloading an e-book. Yeah, well I also swore I’d never join Facebook and twitter, so . . . (cough, cough)

Life changes and so do we. Granted, I didn’t buy my first e-book until last year…

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11 thoughts on “A Great Debate: E-Book or Paperback–Which Do You Prefer?

  1. It is not one or tuther, it is both. They compliment your brain. E books are great for quick sneaky reading, or book trails and testing out new authors. Reading genre’s you’ve not tried, for educational and information gathering . But for relaxing, relishing and thoroughly seeping intò; I need to hold the jacket in my hand. I need to feel the whisp of air that catches my cheek as i turn the pages. In my oppinion there is room for both. We drive cars but we still walk, one will never replace the other; ink and keyboard. A place for both.

      • I had never read an E book until last August, when I downloaded a kindle reader from Amazon. I can only use my personal experience, i expect front lit would make it easier on the eyes. *whispering* Dylan between the sheets should be saved for other practices…

  2. Paperback every time for me. I like to possess a book and ‘e’ just doesn’t feel like real. E-books have their place, but my bookshelves would look so dull if all they held was a Kindle.

  3. When you’ve 1500 books, many out of print, most lovingly chosen individually for content and/or looks, and the vast majority with a personal history attached (when and where bought, who with and other associations) I’m not sure how an ereader replaces all that. And don’t get me started in the sensuality of ‘real’ books!

    Having said that, I have a Kindle on which I have a few texts; I’ve yet to complete anything I’ve started on there, though ‘Second Chance’ will of course be an exception!

    • You’ve just hit one of the disadvantages of the Kindle on the head. Not the library you’ve built up (why would you need to get rid of such treasure just because you have a kindle?) but how easy it is not to give ebooks a chance to grab you. Its the downside of ebooks being cheaper, and not physical. You’re less likely to feel an attachment to the text early on and therefore your commitment to keep reading is lessened. That’s certainly been the case for me (that’s not to say I’ve stopped reading a lot of books, but I can count the times I’ve done that with physical books on one hand in 40 years of reading).

  4. I love real books, no floor to ceiling, just bookcases and bookshelves and books in every room. I couldn’t see the attraction in ebooks. But … I started using them for reviewing, and working, and suddenly, I’m reading a zillion ebooks. Probably faster than a ‘real’ book, but maybe because I don’t sit down and enjoy that long luxurious read. Quick hit I guess rather than sensual pleasure. A ‘real’ book is a different experience. And, I have run out of space for books too 😦

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