Normal service to be resumed shortly

Time for a rethink

Time for a rethink

My life tends to work like this. I publish my book, get excited, decide to write the follow up (and the follow up to the follow up) and at that point all the other things I agreed to do at various points have now come to fruition. I’m doing some consultancy for a friend’s business, building a website for the local pre-school (with two others lined up), have my normal childcare duties and, of course, I’m on a purple patch with the first draft of book two. Something has to give and sadly that something is this blog.

It won’t be for long.

Just for a bit

Until things calm down.

I may also be less active reading and responding to many of the blogs I follow. It’s nothing personal and I can’t wait until things quieten down so that I can catch up with you all.

So many apologies in advance. I hope it won’t be for too long but I’m sure I’ll find time for the odd tweet before I’m back with a post about how terrible writing is and why the hell did I agree to put myself through this again.

I look forward to catching up with you all shortly. Until then, here’s a lovely song by Stephen Hodd, recorded live at Live at the Cottage last year and which I wrote about here. If you get the chance, look up Stephen on Soundcloud and listen to the whole set. Simply beautiful.


4 thoughts on “Normal service to be resumed shortly

  1. Hi Dylan. This is spooky. I’ve just been scribbling a similar post and got a bit bored so switched over to my reader. Something has to give – I don’t have quite as much on as you but even so, sometimes we just can’t do it all.
    Hope all those projects of your get done – wish you well and hope to see you back soon with some tales to make us laugh.

  2. Life takes precedence, Dylan. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. See you when you get back, and happy writing.

  3. Glad things are going well for you Dylan with your other ventures but will miss you here. We will still all be here when you return and awaiting your news with baited breath which hopefully will be all good. Take care 🙂

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