#Authors #Bloggers #Readers – Be aware of Intellectual Property Theft Laws!

A really important point for all bloggers and writers, not just to protect your own work but to have consideration for the work of others when quoting, re-blogging, using images, music or any other form of intellectual property.

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Intellectual Property Theft – a growing problem that hurts everyone in this writing business

By Susan M. Toy

Recently, I’ve become aware of the increasing amount of Intellectual Property (IP) theft that’s taking place online. It’s been happening for a long time: artists—visual, photographers, musicians and writers—seem only able to stand by and watch as what they have created is either copied and pasted elsewhere on the net without permission or no attribution at all is given for their work. Yes, there are copyright laws in place to protect us and the illegal use of our IP. But internet users seem unaware of these laws, or blatantly flout them, or truly believe that, whatever is on the Internet is free for their own personal use and by anyone who wants to copy and paste it into their status update or to their blog.

I’m going to speak specifically to the…

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6 thoughts on “#Authors #Bloggers #Readers – Be aware of Intellectual Property Theft Laws!

  1. I’ve had my cover copied in relation to a review. This felt okay to me because it enhanced my discoverability. So I guess there are exceptions to everything (and thankfully the review was very positive!). You run a great blog, Dylan, and I never miss a post. Thanks!

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