Genesis Redux is available to buy!


I’m incredibly pleased – and relieved – to tell you that Genesis Redux, book 3 in the Transcendence Trilogy, is now available to buy as both an ebook and paperback.

I’d like to thank all of you who’ve waited patiently to find out what happened following the climax of Absent Souls. I think you’ll find the wait was worth it.

In Genesis Redux you’ll get to spend more time with Indigo, as her scheming skills are tested to the limit; watch O’Driscoll take on the might of Global Governance; see Nico Tandelli torn between protecting his family and bringing those that put them in danger to justice; and follow Stephanie Vaughn as she takes a journey beyond anything anyone has ever experienced before.

It has taken me a lot longer than planned to finish this final book in the trilogy but it has been an absolute blast to write. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it.



One person, two lives, and a challenge to the old world order.

With Tandelli and O’Driscoll on the run, Stephanie imprisoned, and the traditionalist faction of Global Governance vanquished, all Indigo’s goals are realised. Yet in her moment of triumph, victory is snatched from her grasp. Stripped of her patronage and with enemies on all sides, she finds herself in the biggest fight of her life.

In this stunning climax to the Transcendence Trilogy, nobody is safe as the once secret struggle to control humanity’s future breaks out into the open.

Who will win in this battle for ultimate power: the Investigator, torn between duty and protecting his family; the crime lord, wanting revenge on those who took his kingdom away; Global Governance, riven by in-fighting but still a force to be reckoned with; or the person who started it all, even though she’d rather be dead?


To buy Genesis Redux, click on the relevant link below: ebook paperback ebook paperback ebook ebook ebook ebook ebook ebook ebook ebook ebook ebook


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18 thoughts on “Genesis Redux is available to buy!

  1. I’m running out the door this morning, so favorited this post. I can’t wait to check it out later 🙂 Congrats, Dylan, on the release. I only read completed series, so this is a treat!

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  3. Amazing. Huge congrats. Like Diana, I often wait for stuff to be complete before diving in. Got the first one on my kindle, so now I have to make time to read it 😀 can’t wait. Major congrats once again 😀

  4. Thanks for the thoughts on what you learned writing the trilogy. I’d like to use them as a springboard for writing about my own (currently stalled!) trilogy – wondering if this would be okay with you. I’ll reference your work, of course, with a link to Genesis Redux. Would you mind?

    Btw – may I ask where you are in Suffolk? I grew up on the Cambridgeshire/Essex border, and have family roots in Suffolk.

    • Hi Robert, I’d be delighted if you used my post as a springboard for your own and look forward to reading it.
      I’m right in the middle of Suffolk in a village called Debenham. It’s a wonderful place to live.

  5. Fabulous – congratulations and I can’t wait to have a read! I’m a bit behind, Second Chance is still sitting on my Kindle, but now I can have a binge of the whole series, which is always the best way!

      • Phew! 😉 I’m well thanks – in Sweden right now, but getting ready to move home to Glasgow in a couple of weeks… which is one of my reasons for being behind on my reading at the moment!

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